IFC Service Pricing

Pricing for IdeaRoom varies by service level, pricing tier, payment period, and company type (supplier vs. dealer). Below is an outline and description of the pricing structure and variables. With an understanding of your business situation and objectives, we can recommend options and provide exact pricing: fill out a pricing request, schedule a demo, or email sales@idearoominc.com.


Pricing for IdeaRoom’s service includes a one-time setup fee and an ongoing subscription. The setup fee covers a scheduled period of dedicated work from an onboarding specialist to configure your products in IdeaRoom. This period is typically 3 months for suppliers and 3 weeks for dealers.


After the scheduled onboarding period, the subscription starts. Your onboarding specialist remains involved for several months as primary support transitions to the support team. Future updates are included along with the following on-going services:

  • Software hosting, support, and maintenance. 

  • Updates to your products, pricing, content, and configuration.

  • Continuous investment in improving the software with regular releases.

  • Assistance implementing best practices to produce your desired business results.

  • Access to a customer success portal for tracking request status and related communication.

You can use IdeaRoom to conduct business any time after onboarding starts. Many suppliers release a version of IdeaRoom for visual configuration prior to the implementation of pricing.

Service Levels

IdeaRoom offers three service levels.

  • Standard: Qualified Leads, Rapid Quotes, Faster Sales.

  • Professional: Accurate Invoice, Complete Order, Online Checkout.

  • Enterprise: Integrate, Differentiate, Customize.

Review the feature sheets for IdeaRoom for Carport Suppliers and IdeaRoom for Carport Dealers for a detailed comparison of the capabilities in each service.

Pricing Tiers

Usage of the subscription service is gauged in tiers based on annual carport sales as outlined below.

  • Tier 0: $0M - $1M

  • Tier 1: $1M - $4M

  • Tier 2: $4M - $10M

  • Tier 3: $10M - $20M

  • Tier 4: $20M - $30M

  • Tier 5: $30M - $40M

  • Tier 6: $40M - $60M

  • Tier 7: $60M - $100M

  • Tier 8: $100M - $200M

Payment Terms

The subscription is paid 3 months at a time with discounts for paying 6 months or 12 months in advance.