IdeaRoom Partnerships & Supported Integrations

Due to current conditions in the marketplace, demand for IdeaRoom’s service is high, and most of our customers seek us out. More than just acquiring new business, our most productive partnerships help our customers use IdeaRoom more effectively to meet their business objectives.

IdeaRoom collaborates or has formal partnerships with the following types of companies:

  • Payment providers (financing, rent-to-own, credit card)

  • Marketing and web development service providers

  • 3rd party software and other business service providers

We engage in collaborative partnerships where we cooperate in pursuing new customers and business opportunities together. We also support an open software architecture with which software service providers can integrate with IdeaRoom to enhance or extend our service.

Partners we seek:

Payment Providers: Financing, RTO, Credit Card

IdeaRoom provides a checkout process that allows consumers to select a payment method and related payment options like financing terms. For credit cards, IdeaRoom integrates with Stripe and payment gateways. These integrations allow a consumer to charge their credit card for a deposit.

For financing and RTO payment options, IdeaRoom works with providers to integrate with IdeaRoom’s checkout process. In the simplest form, an integration will expedite the creation of a financing contract by pushing customer and order information to the financing provider’s database. For more comprehensive integrations, a consumer can complete a financing or RTO contract online and finish checking out.

Partnerships with financing companies provide natural benefits for all stakeholders in the transaction:

  • Consumers benefit from the flexibility to choose a payment method or financing option that best fits their financial situation and increases their purchasing power.

  • Financing providers benefit from the greater visibility of their products to consumers in IdeaRoom. With full checkout integration, providers benefit from the detailed data IdeaRoom can provide about the product and the increased process efficiency for completing the contract.

  • Manufacturers and dealers benefit by better serving their customers with flexible payment options. This often results in an increase in sales and average sale price.

  • IdeaRoom benefits from providing consumers with a better purchasing experience and helping our customers sell more buildings. Financing providers promote IdeaRoom to their participating vendors.

Marketing & Web Development

IdeaRoom focuses on producing more effective marketing and sales results for our clients: increase conversion rate, increase sales price, improve sales efficiency, and reduce selling costs. IdeaRoom works more effectively when marketing efforts drive more, higher-quality traffic to our customer's website. For this reason, many of our most successful customers make significant ongoing investments in internet marketing: content marketing, SEO, advertising, social media marketing, etc…

We appreciate working with a new customer that is already using a marketing or web development firm we’ve worked with in the past. These implementations typically go more smoothly as the partner firm is already familiar with our service and how to most effectively integrate it into the website.

Marketing and web development firms provide the following types of services for IdeaRoom’s clients:

  • Publish DNS records to deploy the production instance of IdeaRoom for release.

  • Update the website with calls-to-action that send prospective customers into IdeaRoom.

  • Run a marketing campaign around the release of IdeaRoom to generate renewed customer interest.

  • Re-design the website to most effectively incorporate IdeaRoom into the complete customer journey.

  • Incorporate IdeaRoom building design links into ad campaigns, landing pages, social media content, and other email or content marketing campaigns.

3rd Party Software & Other Business Service Providers

While marketing and web development are the most common business service providers we partner with, there are other services IdeaRoom’s customers need to make them successful. Examples include:

  • IT services or custom software development firms that implement, integrate, or extend software for businesses (CRM, ERP, Point-of-Sale, Accounting, etc…). IdeaRoom has an API and devkit for integrating the software with other SaaS software services or custom software solutions.

  • Business consulting firms that help companies improve their sales, marketing, accounting, fulfillment, manufacturing, or other business functions and processes. For example, most companies change their marketing practices and sales process to make the most effective use of IdeaRoom. Some companies also use the output produced by IdeaRoom to improve their manufacturing and fulfillment processes.

Partnership Expectations:

Collaborative Partnership

  • Identify the size and value of the opportunity.

    • How many of our current customers will benefit from the partnership?

    • How many potential customers can we serve through mutual referrals and promotions?

  • Execute the partnership with one customer to demonstrate the value including software integrations.

  • Create a document and video describing the scope and capabilities of the partnership (including any applicable software and integrations).

  • Initiate mutual sales conversations with an agreed-upon number of new potential customers.

  • Standardize referral and promotion practices with agreements for revenue sharing if applicable.

IdeaRoom Supported Integration

  • Use IdeaRoom’s DevKit to integrate with or extend IdeaRoom capabilities using your service.

  • Pay for Partner Developer Access to use the IdeaRoom DevKit and technical documentation.

  • Pay for Developer Support if the integration project requires support from IdeaRoom engineering.

  • Create a document and video describing the scope and capabilities of the software integration.

  • Once the integration is proven with a live customer, publish integration support to partner websites with logo, marketing description, and website link.


Please contact to determine whether you are a candidate for an IdeaRoom partnership or supported integration.