IdeaRoom Developer Access & Support

Developer Access and Developer Support are for IdeaRoom customers and partners that develop custom software integrations with the Idearoom Platform. Developer Access is included in an IdeaRoom Enterprise subscription or available as an add-on to an IdeaRoom Pro subscription. Developer Support is an added subscription cost that is typically time-limited and project-based.

If your integration scenario is relatively simple, Zapier integration is included in IdeaRoom Pro and may be a viable alternative. Zapier is a separate subscription service. IdeaRoom can’t provide specific support for how to use the Zapier platform, but we have clients that successfully use Zapier for simple integrations.

Developer Access

Developer Access enables access to our API for developing fully custom integrations with 3rd party systems like SalesForce or NetSuite. When a save, quote, or order is submitted in IdeaRoom, the API pushes data to your web service. You consume the data to create records in your CRM or ERP system like contacts, opportunities, and orders. You may work with your own development team or an IdeaRoom partner familiar with the IdeaRoom platform. Review the IdeaRoom Webhook API page for more details.

Developer Support 

Custom integrations and extensions of commercial software services like IdeaRoom are significant software development undertakings. These projects typically require project management, business analysis, software development, and support or consulting from the software providers involved.

The purpose of IdeaRoom’s Developer Support service is to ensure the success of projects that include integration with IdeaRoom or extension of the IdeaRoom platform. Developer support provides technical support services from IdeaRoom for your custom integration or extension project. When working with an IderaRoom partner, developer support may not be required depending on scope.

Developer support is typically outlined in a proposal specific to the project and generally includes:

  • Access to IdeaRoom DevKit documentation.

  • Access to technical developer support for the subscription period.

  • Technical support has direct access to IdeaRoom’s engineering team.

  • Typically a 6-12 month subscription for a specified project.

    • Includes a minimum block of technical support hours: ~20 hours

    • Extend for another 3-6 months or month-to-month.

    • Purchase additional blocks of support at a discounted rate.