IdeaRoom for Sheds - Currently Not Supported Items

Your IdeaRoom for Sheds subscription includes support for most shed features and components, but the following items are currently not supported by IdeaRoom for Sheds:

  • Gazebos

  • Animal Shelters/Dog Kennels/Horse Run-Ins/Horse Stalls

  • Dollhouse Dormers

  • Lean-to-Style Porches

  • Greenhouses

  • Transparent Materials

  • Frame-outs

  • Porches with Columns on Single Slope Buildings

  • Containers

Although IdeaRoom attempts to identify significant issues before engaging with customers, it is likely one or more options, visual details, or business logic will be identified that IdeaRoom doesn’t fully support or visually represent. If that happens, we make the following assessment with you:  

  • Does the requested capability materially impact IdeaRoom’s ability to meet your business goals?

  • Do you consider this capability critical for continuing to use IdeaRoom?

  • Where does this capability fall in IdeaRoom’s overall priorities for the industry? 

Based on these assessments, IdeaRoom will offer one or more of these four resolutions:

  • Provide a workaround or mutually agree the capability is non-critical.

    • Workarounds are acceptable ways to address the requirement using existing capabilities.

    • Workarounds should not create an undue burden on customers, salespeople, or IdeaRoom’s customer success team.

  • Commitment to deliver the capability without a specific timeframe.

    • Timeframe for completion of work is not specified or guaranteed.

    • IdeaRoom communicates priorities and schedule as it evolves.

  • Exit the subscription agreement.

    • Setup fees paid will be handled based on the Early Cancellation clause of the agreement.