IdeaRoom Purchase & Checkout Integration

IdeaRoom’s purchasing and checkout process can integrate with 3rd party services that allow customers to purchase and pay for their shed, carport, or steel building.

  • Credit card payment gateways such as Stripe and

  • Online financing application and approval

  • Online rent-to-own contract creation

To integrate with a 3rd party service, we offer an API with a webhook and redirect combination to seamlessly transition customers from their IdeaRoom design to your checkout or online application process to complete payment.


When customers submit a design through the checkout process on your IdeaRoom configurator, our webhook configuration will post a comprehensive JSON payload to an endpoint(s) of your choice. Customers will then automatically be redirected to the URL of your checkout process.

Each design submitted by a customer on your configurator has a unique hash value to identify that design. This value is included in the JSON payload that is posted to your endpoint(s), as well as passed through to the redirect URL. This allows your development team to associate the posted data with the individual customer that is being redirected. The payload data can then be used to customize your checkout experience by including design, order, and customer information. Often this information is used to pre-populate form fields and calculate payment and deposit amounts.

Our payload also includes a URL to return to the customer’s unique design. This URL can be used to redirect the customer back to your IdeaRoom configurator after completing your external checkout process where a thank-you message will be displayed.

Data Included

Please contact us for a sample JSON payload for your Shed, Carport, or Building configurator. Some data highlights that are included in our payload:

  • unique order hash

  • unique client identifier

  • billing and shipping information

  • rent to own term selection (if applicable)

  • deposit, subtotal, and total

  • links to design images

  • link to floorplan (if applicable)

  • design line items and building information

  • URL to return to unique design

Getting Started

To set-up your webhook configuration, we will need one or more endpoints where customer data will be posted for each design submission. We will also need the URL where customers will be redirected after submitting designs through the IdeaRoom checkout process.

Each IdeaRoom configurator has both a production and staging site. To test your webhook configuration, we can start by setting up an endpoint and redirect URL on your staging configurator. This is a good way to test and troubleshoot the configuration before it is ready to go live on your production configurator.