SalesView by IdeaRoom

SalesView is the administrative application for IdeaRoom configurators, including IdeaRoom for Sheds, IdeaRoom for Carports, and IdeaRoom for Buildings.


SalesView is available for clients who pay an IdeaRoom subscription and have a configured embedded site or a subdomain link. (For example, ). SalesView is also available for clients who are using a dealer site (for example: ), as long as the site is configured for their use.

SalesView can be accessed using this URL: During the onboarding process, your Implementation Specialist will provide you with temporary login credentials to access SalesView. Once logged in, you will be prompted to update your password. The temporary password will expire if not used promptly, so be sure to log in to set up your personal password as soon as you are able.

SalesView is password-protected and can only be accessed with login credentials. If you are an active IdeaRoom customer and are unable to access SalesView, please contact our support team by emailing

You may occasionally see a box in the lower right corner of your browser screen about a new version that is available. We are constantly improving SalesView, so if you see that notification, please click it immediately to update to the newest version.