SalesView Product Tour

This section includes a product tour of SalesView for those new to the application. Note that you may not have all these options available in SalesView. The capabilities of SalesView will vary based on your IdeaRoom subscription.

SalesView is composed of two main areas: the Left panel and the Main screen. The Left panel is primarily used for navigating SalesView. The Main screen is primarily used for managing dealers, users, and leads.

The Left Tab Panel is composed of two sections:

  • The current user (at the top)

  • SalesView tab (in the lower section)

Current User

For the current user, click the down arrow to the right of your name to do the following:

  • Edit your profile and reset your password

  • Select a SalesView site

  • View announcements of new content

  • Log out of SalesView



If your email address is associated with more than one SalesView site, you access these sites using the Current User dropdown. In the example below, the user Enrico Fermi has access to two SalesView sites: Atomic Buildings and Comet Carports. Selecting a site from this list will display the users, dealers, and leads associated for that SalesView site.


What’s New

The What’s New announcement includes product announcements for all IdeaRoom products, including SalesView. This dialog is automatically shown once upon login but can be viewed through the Current User menu.


SalesView Content (Leads, Dealers, Users)

The area indicated by #1 below is the tab bar where you can navigate among content within SalesView.


  • Leads. Displays all saved configurations. You will see one row for every save, quote, or checkout to which you have permissions.

  • Dealers. Available for clients with a Dealer Network subscription. On this tab, you will be able to update dealer information for your dealer sites.

Dealers who have a paid subscription with IdeaRoom will have access to their own SalesView site. The Dealers tab is available for managing dealers who are in the client’s onboarded dealer network.

  • Users. The list of users who have access to SalesView and their permissions.

  • Site Links. The link on the left will open the IdeaRoom configurator site. If you have multiple sites registered for the SalesView site, you will see multiple links. If you have dealer permissions, the link will open to your specific dealer site.

The previous version of SalesView had another tab “Sales Tools” that gave users permissions to use Sales Tools with their IdeaRoom site. This capability has been incorporated into the Sales permission on the Users tab. For clients who have a Professional subscription, any user with Sales permissions will be able to login to Sales Tools.


Managing SalesView using the Main Screen


The Leads tab (#2 below) displays all saved configurations, including saves, quotes, and checkouts.

You can customize the columns shown by clicking on the Columns icon in the right corner. You can filter the list of leads shown by clicking the Filter button on the upper left corner of the main screen.

Click on a row in the leads tab to see more information about that configuration, including the reference number, quote amount, style, and an image of the saved design.

For the Created field, you will also find the IP address of the computer where the design was saved.

To find a specific configuration, use the Search box. This will filter the list to the rows that match your search criteria.

Links that are opened from the Leads tab (by clicking the icon under the Design header) will retain the customer information saved with the design. This provides a more seamless workflow when collaborating with customers on designs.


The dealers tab includes dealers who have a site based on your existing configurator site. These dealer sites are shown with a “dealer=dealerName” after your configurator URL in the browser address bar:

Note that you must have a Professional subscription to add dealers to your site.

When you first open SalesView, you may have a notification bar indicating that the dealers have been added by your customer success rep. To manage your dealers in SalesView, you will need to Import the dealer list.

To configure or update dealers, see “Managing Dealers with SalesView”


The Users tab manages access to SalesView. Users can have three permission levels: Admin, Manager, and Sales. For a description of these permissions, see SalesView Permissions.

When new users are added, they receive an email with a temporary password and a link to SalesView. They must click the link and register a new password to gain access to the site.


The Pricing tab allows users with Admin permissions to make pricing changes. Users can choose one of three options: No Change, Apply a surcharge or discount, and Change prices of line items. For a description of these options, see Making Pricing Changes using SalesView.

Pricing changes made in this tab will not change or overwrite the original prices that your IdeaRoom agent has entered in the system. If you make a pricing change in this tab and later decide you want to remove those pricing changes, you can simply select No Change and your original prices will be restored.


The Sites tab allows users with Admin permissions to make branding and logo edits. Users can change a phone number,an email, the color scheme of their web site, site logo, and/or the watermark image. For more details and training on how to update the branding of a site, view the how to video: How to Update Contact Info, Logo, Branding Colors, and Watermarks.