IdeaRoom Webhook API


A webhook is a scheme for connecting disparate internet software services together for the purpose of integration and data exchange. A webhook automatically pushes data from one software system to another when an event occurs. In IdeaRoom, the webook pushes data to a target system when a user initiates an action in IdeaRoom like saving, quoting, or ordering a configured product design.

Successful use of a webhook to integrate typically requires a software developer to write the service that receives the data from the IdeaRoom API and pushes it into the target system API. IdeaRoom uses the webhook to support built-in integrations such as HubSpot CRM, which is available in the IdeaRoom Pro service. For supported integrations, IdeaRoom wrote the web service that pushes IdeaRoom data into HubSpot CRM and creates a customer contact and deal record. The contact holds the customer information, and the deal record holds summary information about the configured product design. IdeaRoom has customers that use the webhook to integrate with other systems like Salesforce and Zoho.

Access to IdeaRoom’s API requires the Developer Access add-on for IdeaRoom Pro or an IdeaRoom Enterprise subscription, which includes Developer Access in the subscription. You will also need IdeaRoom’s Developer Access & Support - to read more about that see this link.


The webhook can be set up to trigger on any of the following events:

  • Created: User submits a new product configuration via save, quote, or checkout actions.

  • Updated: User opens an existing design from a link and re-submits to the same email address.

  • Visited: A user loaded a previously saved design using the design link.

  • Checkout Opened: User presses the checkout button and starts the checkout process.

  • Payment Prepared: User submits the first checkout step that includes payment method selection.


The data IdeaRoom publishes through the webhook includes:

  • Customer Contact

  • Order Summary & Line Items

  • Product Design Details

  • 3D & Floor Plan Images

For an example of IdeaRoom data structure, click here.


The following are examples of the types of systems with which IdeaRoom can integrate:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for managing leads and sales conversations.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for managing orders or generating bill-of-materials.

  • Inventory management systems for creating and managing inventory buildings.

  • Financing or RTO systems for generating and managing financing contracts.

Technical Documentation

Access to IdeaRoom’s API and detailed technical documentation requires the Developer Access and Support add-ons for IdeaRoom Pro or an IdeaRoom Enterprise subscription. This allows us to provide you with the detailed technical support required to make an integration project successful for your business. We can provide samples of our webhook data format and answer questions to help you evaluate these services and determine whether the IdeaRoom API will meet your integration needs.