IFC Supplier Onboarding


Roof Type

  • Do you offer all three standard roof types?

    • Regular

    • Boxed Eave

    • Vertical

  • Do you have different labels for any roof types?

Roof Pitch

  • What is the standard roof pitch on your buildings?

  • Do you vary the roof pitch by style, size or other parameters?

  • Do you allow a customer to select a roof pitch option?

Base Pricing

  • Is your base pricing organized primarily by standard, triple wide and commercial width ranges?

    • Standard: 12'-24'

    • Triple-Wide: 26'-30

    • Commercial: 32'-40'

  • Do base prices vary by or include pricing for other options/parameters?

    • Wind or snow load certification levels

    • Options like anchors, double legs, ladder legs, etc…

    • Circumstances like region, style, width, etc…

Building Size

  • What are your standard leg height options?

  • What rules do you have that restrict leg height by style, width, length or other factors?

  • What are your standard building width and length options?

  • Do you allow custom lengths and widths, and do you want those displayed in the configurator?


  • Which enclosed end options do you offer, and how do you label them?

    • Fully Enclosed

    • Gable End

    • Gable End 45

    • Extended Gable

    • Extended Gable 45

    • Left Side Enclosed

    • Right Side Enclosed

    • Left Side With Gable End

    • Right Side With Gable End

  • Which enclosed side options do you offer, and how do you label them?

    • Fully Enclosed

    • Half Panel With Trim

    • Top Full Panel

    • Top Two Panels

    • Top Three Panels

    • Others…

  • How much do you charge for panels and panel cut fees?

  • How do you price vertical siding as a selectable option?

  • In what configurations do you require vertical siding (typically at certain sizes)?


  • What is the width and depth of your trim?

    • Standard Trim

    • Fascia Trim

    • Component Trim (around doors and windows)

  • Do you have any special trim options you offer?


  • Do your trusses vary primarily by building width: standard, triple wide and commercial?

  • Do your trusses vary by factors other than building width?

  • Do you allow customers to select from multiple truss options?


  • What are your standard lean width options?

  • For which roof type options are leans allowed?


  • Do you offer the same color options as most carport suppliers?

  • Are your roof, trim, wall, and wainscot color options the same?

  • Do you allow customers to change side wall color independent from end wall color?

  • If needed, can you provide RGB/HEX values or high quality textures for your color options?

Additional Options


  • How do you price j-trim?

  • What overall j-trim options do you want to offer:

    • Sides Only

    • Ends Only

    • Sides & Ends

  • Is j-trim included in the price for other options, such as enclosed gable ends or extended gable ends?

  • Is j-trim required with other options, such as an enclosed half panel on the side wall?


  • What anchoring options do you offer?

  • In what circumstances are anchors included in the base price?

  • In what circumstances are anchors excluded from the base price?

  • Do you have any other special rules for anchors?


  • Do you offer wainscot?

  • What is the standard height of your wainscot?


  • What are the standard certification options you offer?


  • What types of insulation do you offer?

  • At what level of detail (for what parts of the building) do you allow customers to add insulation?

  • If you offer more than one type, do you allow the customer to mix more than one type in a building?

  • Can you create a discrete list of the most typical and standardized options?

Colored Screws

  • Do you offer colored screws?

  • How do you price colored screws?

  • At what level of detail (for what parts of the building) do you allow customers to select colored screws?

12-Gauge Upgrade

  • How do you price your 12-gauge upgrade option?

  • Are there circumstances in which 12-gauge is required or automatically included?