Shed Dealer Networks

Dealer Network Support

IdeaRoom Pro and IdeaRoom Enterprise include support for dealer networks. There is no additional subscription cost for the dealer, and there is no per-dealer cost for the supplier. IdeaRoom provides a unique link for each dealer to access your IdeaRoom site with additional dealer-specific capabilities:

  • Dealer receives a direct email copy of each submitted save building and quote request.

  • Dealer information displayed on the IdeaRoom contact bar and in email content.

  • Dealer information preserved in customer saved links to retain dealer association.

Dealers are identified using a parameter that you specify and maintain in your dealer list. Examples:




You can publish dealer-specific links to dealers and customers in a number of ways:

  • Dealers bookmark their IdeaRoom link for quick access in sales conversations.

  • Dealers link customers to IdeaRoom from their websites and social media. 

  • Provide dealer links from a Find Your Location/Dealer function on your website.

  • Link to IdeaRoom from an online dealer portal or another online dealer resource.

Dealer Subscription

IdeaRoom also offers a separate subscription to shed dealers. This service targets dealers focused on selling sheds as more of their primary business. These dealers invest in internet marketing. They strongly prefer to retain customers on their website. They integrate IdeaRoom more into their marketing and sales.

A combination of the included Dealer Network Support with options to upgrade to an IdeaRoom Dealer subscription can help you attract and retain high-quality dealers and provide them with tools to better enhance their sales efforts on your behalf. This is a way IdeaRoom differentiates from competitors and custom solutions. There is significant demand for a 3D configurator that addresses specific dealer needs. 

Dealer Capabilities

The following is a summary list of the most significant capabilities in the dealer service:

  • Hosted on a subdomain of the dealer website or embedded directly on their site.

  • Configure logo and colors to make it more consistent with dealer branding and site.

  • Manage their own list of salespeople for access to Sales Tools.

  • Add online ordering and checkout to capture payment.

  • Query and manage their sales leads with access to the IdeaRoom dashboard.

  • Capture quote data using the IdeaRoom programming API for integration with a CRM system.

Dealer Branding Concerns

Some manufacturers have concerns about dealer branding of an IdeaRoom site with their products and pricing information. We are sensitive to those concerns and work to design a service consistent with your business and dealer support strategy. One approach is to include branding requirements in your dealer agreement or a supplementary agreement, such as:

  • Require co-branding to clearly promote the manufacturer within IdeaRoom configurators.

  • Set some reasonable guidelines for rebranding and presentation of quote content.

If you prefer to disallow the use of the dataset for dealer subscriptions, you can enforce that in your dealer agreement, or you can add white labeling to your IdeaRoom subscription. When you white-label your IdeaRoom, we remove the IdeaRoom logo, we won’t publicly discuss that you are a customer, and we lock use of the dataset to manufacturer sites.