IFS Service Levels

IdeaRoom offers three service levels.

  • Standard: Qualified Leads, Rapid Quotes, Faster Sales

  • Professional: Accurate Invoice, Complete Order, Online Checkout

  • Enterprise: Integrate, Differentiate, Customize

Below is a general outline of each service level and its most important capabilities. Review the IdeaRoom for Sheds Feature Sheet for a more detailed comparison checklist.

IdeaRoom Standard

Standard includes the basic capabilities needed to design, price, and quote a shed. The standard service is designed to generate more qualified leads through a website and make salespeople and dealers more productive at rapidly generating high-quality quotes.

IdeaRoom Pro

Pro adds capabilities for generating invoices, completing orders, checking out, and supporting dealer networks. Below is a summary list of the capabilities that are typically most important:

  • Floor Plan: 2D floor plan with measurements.

  • Sales Tool: Quoting tools for customizing line items, discounts, and deposits.

  • Order Format: Configurable invoice with signature block and your contract terms.

  • Interiors: Placement and visualization of workbenches, shelves, lofts & electrical packages.

  • Checkout: Payment integrations for Stripe, Authorize.net, and some financing providers.

  • Dealer Network: Dealer network support included with no additional cost per dealer.

  • Client Protection Features: Protected or hidden pricing, image watermarking, etc.

  • Standard Integrations: Integration with HubSpot, SharpSpring, or Zapier.

  • Priority Support: Prioritized resolution for support issues.

Floor Plan

Below is an example of a 2D floor plan generated by IdeaRoom Pro. The size and resolution of the images are configurable. The combination of 3D renderings with floor plans prevents miscommunication in the purchasing process and errors in the fulfillment process.


Sales Tools

Sales Tools allows a salesperson to login and access capabilities to customize a quote or finalize an order:

  • Add line items to adjust the pricing or add custom options

  • Add dealer, manufacturer, or other special discounts

  • Set or modify sales taxes to finalize an order for payment

  • Print a quote directly from the web browser

Order Format

IdeaRoom Pro can generate an order format with a signature block, customizable terms and conditions pages, and configurable content blocks. Many suppliers accept this format as an official order or use it as their primary order form.

To capture a signature, the customer or salesperson prints the order to PDF format to upload and use with digital signature services such as PandaDoc or prints to paper for an in-person physical signature. IdeaRoom does not yet integrate digital signatures directly into the software workflow.

The following PDF is an example of the standard order format:


Visual placement of workbenches, shelves, lofts & electrical packages.

Online Checkout

IdeaRoom Pro includes online checkout. See IdeaRoom Checkout for details.

Dealer Network Support

IdeaRoom Pro includes dealer network support. See Shed Dealer Networks for details.

Client Protection Features

We occasionally hear of companies or individuals who use a client’s site to generate designs or pricing to undersell our client or take advantage of our software without paying for their own IdeaRoom subscription. We take these violations of our intellectual property very seriously, and we are continually evaluating ways to help our clients protect their investment in IdeaRoom while still providing an effective buying experience for their customers. See Client Protection Features for details.

Standard Integrations

IdeaRoom Pro includes standard integrations with several 3rd party software services.

CRM, Sales & Marketing

IdeaRoom integrates with HubSpot and SharpSpring CRM’s. IdeaRoom’s integration will automatically create contact and deal/opportunity records in the CRM for each save, quote, or order submitted.

Integration Automation

IdeaRoom integrates with the Zapier online automation service. Zapier provides powerful tools for automating the integration of disparate software platforms online. Using Zapier, our customers have successfully integrated IdeaRoom with many additional software platforms such as Zoho CRM. For this integration. IdeaRoom points our API for your IdeaRoom site at a Zapier service URL you provide to us. Zapier is a separate service with its own subscription and pricing. We do not provide specific help with the setup, configuration, or use of Zapier.

IdeaRoom Enterprise

IdeaRoom Enterprise is targeted at larger or growing shed companies with enterprise-level requirements. These companies typically have additional CRM, ERP, or accounting systems and want to integrate those systems to enable more efficient processes. Other requirements we encounter include enabling a premium or differentiated customer experience, or individual dealer access to manage leads.

The following is a list of Enterprise capabilities with more detailed descriptions below. 

  • Included

    • Developer Access: Access to the IdeaRoom API for developing custom integrations.

    • White Label: Hide the IdeaRoom logo in the front-end user interface.

    • Premium User Interface: Premium user interface templates including 3D backgrounds.

    • Dealer Lead Management: Dealer access to query and manage leads on the backend.

  • Add-ons

    • Developer Support: Technical developer support for custom integration projects.

    • Identity Package: Customization of the user interface to make your IdeaRoom unique.

Developer Access

See IdeaRoom Developer Access & Support for a detailed outline.

Premium User Interface

Premium user interface is an upgraded, more flexible user interface and set of configurable templates (similar to premium WordPress themes). This feature is currently in design and development. If you choose this option, we will work with you to finalize the design. Adaptable features include:

  • Configurable layout options 

  • UI control style templates 

  • Premium icon sets 

  • 3D scene backgrounds 

Enterprise Add-ons

Additional set up and/or subscription apply to the following enterprise services:

Developer Support

See IdeaRoom Developer Access & Support for a detailed outline.

Identity Package

The identity package differentiates your user interface, 3D rendering, and overall customer experience to make your IdeaRoom designer unique in the industry. This includes full customization and requires a software development fee for designing and developing your template. IdeaRoom prepares design mockups for review and approval prior to implementation. Adaptable features include:

  • Chrome Customizations: Customize the configurator “chrome” and general appearance by changing colors, fonts, images, and element sizes.

  • Control Customizations: Customize the selection controls used to specify building style, size, door/windows/options, colors, flooring/interior.

  • Scene Customizations: Customize the 3D rendering scene floor, horizon, and lighting to change the overall appearance of the rendered structures.